Publishing at Sigma

Step 1: Have a Good Idea
Often this is the hardest step. Working with your professors on ideas can make it a lot easier. Yet sometimes coming up with an idea that will help shape the world is as easy as writing a good term paper!
Step 2: Turn it in
Make sure your paper is at least 12 pages long and follows the turabian citation style. When you've written that final paper, be sure to turn it into SIGMA before the term deadlines - usually in January after the winter break. Frequently the best work goes un-submitted because of doubts and fears, so go ahead and take the plunge.
Step 3: Get Selected
After you've turned in your paper, it will be put through a rigorous review process with the best papers being selected by the SIGMA editing team, in collaboration with BYU Faculty.
Step 4: Prep it for Publication
After your paper has been selected by the SIGMA team (the middle of January), it will go through numerous peer reviews with editors matched to the subject, and when available, editing by a specialist on campus.
Step 5: Final Submission
Once you've worked through the edits and taken your paper to the next step, its time for the final submission that will take place at the beginning of March. Email your submissions as an attachment to:
Step 6: Publication
Your article will be published by the beginning of April, and distributed in a printed copy of the journal at the final banquet of BYUPAS

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