About Sigma


Our vision is to provide a unique, disinterested dialogue that drives the world to look beyond its standard of intelligent discussion, to push topics to deeper levels of discovery, and to yield ideas and outcomes that will change views of civic and social engagement.


Our purpose is to practice, expand, and live the words found at the entrance to the university, "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve."


We achieve our purposes by investing in our students and helping nurture their growing conceptual, analytic, and literary minds. We provide a fertile environment fit for the birth of original thinking. Our students are our greatest contribution to society.

We are Brigham Young University’s undergraduate journal focused on political and international studies. Our publication covers a wide range of undergraduate student work exploring a variety of topics, from American and comparative politics, to security and area studies. Student work may originate from a class assignment and evolve into a possible submission to the journal, or it may stem from mentored research with a faculty member. Independent of where your thoughts originated, as long as they are original, all relevant submissions are welcome to be considered for publication in March of each academic year.

If you are considering a career in academia, security and intelligence, public policy, or are considering graduate school, then consider working with Sigma as a serious resume builder. Post-secondary schools and professionals alike are looking for bright minds who can draw substantive conclusions from research studies.

Take a look now on our "Publish" page for a simple outline of how Sigma’s publishing process works. If you have any concerns about the process, don't be shy in reaching out to us by way of email or the messenger just following the outline. We are more than happy to field your concerns or ideas.

We look forward to possibly working with you in the future!